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Office of Research and Development


The Office of Research and Development (ORD) has been established as a bridge or platform among the university, government, organizations, and enterprises for strengthening the collaboration and resource sharing.  The ORD consists of the main office and three centers including (1) Industry-Academia Cooperation Center(IACC), (2) Technology Transfer Center (TTC), and (3) Business Incubation Center (BIC).  Brief introduction of these centers are described as below.   




The Office of Research and Development (IACC) is to facilitate interactions between the NTUST and enterprises and also to promote NTUST research achievements to industry.  Moreover, the IACC is obligated to synchronize NTUST research capability with industrial trends for reducing the lead time of development and therefore, to improve research capacity of industry effectively.  




The Technology Transfer Center (TTC) is to promote the research achievement developed by the faculty and students to the industries and, through the continuous interaction with the industries, to enhance the nation's competitiveness and technology development. The TTC has three major functions including (a) providing services to the faculty and students regarding various intellectual property protection and promotion issues, (b) managing the University's various intellectual properties such as know-hows, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and finally (c) bridging the University and the industries by acting as a single contact window and platform.




The Business Incubator Center (BIC) is designed to assist the start-up firms through innovative business and technological developments.  The BIC can offer facilities and services to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses developing advanced technologies and new business bases. Mission of the BIC is targeted to (a) assist start-up firms to successfully enter a business - with the goal of achieving stability, growth, prosperity and excellence and (b) promote the development & application of innovative technology and products. Finally, resource of university can be connected with the development and growth of business ventures and entrepreneurs.